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I'm not sure why i have this page since I keep updating but never get around to updating the update section. =\

03/22/04 TURNS OUT I CAN USE THIS BC02---Canon BJ 100, BJ 200e, B 200ex, BJC 210, BJC 240 series, BJC 250 series, BCJ 1000 series.
-------------------------------------------------------------- FOR MY PRINTER! THIS ONE'S THE CHEAPEST.
03/21/04 I decided to pre reg for Anthro con and i added links in the art section to 5 places that will host pics online for free.
3/11/04 That's it! I'm updating this fookin' thing!! In fact i'm putting some links to art on the first page, even though i know the only people who visit are kathleen and barbara, aka the Mom. not mine's Jesse's. My mom isn't computer savy and she'd probably find the porn adds and pop ups tedious. 2-3-04 I added a bunch of Zine links to the un related links section
01-07-04 I added a new link to the Links section, adding new art to MPEAD and cart =-_-=;;

9-11-03 Added 3 new online comic links! 1 to the manga ka section 2 to the online comic section! Also updating  The Toy Box

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