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Unfourtunately due to Cafe Globe discontinuing their translation service I have no idea what the title of some of these sites, but excite translates now.

D's Mostly Non existant One Piece shrine

mini craptastic Inuyasha shrine

Kick @$$ Individual Sites

Strawberry Switch blade

Erotic Yaoi [i think =o.O=;;]

Random Image

Shoujo and Trigun [odd combination of links here!]

Leely A collective of shoujo sites

Make a Little Light Bulb in Your Soul

Inu-Yasha Screen Captures!!

Unico's Island

Fable, a Unico link

Web Rings!

Boys Love Paradise

Boy's Erotic CG Ring

June CG ring list o links

Yaoi Link Space

Yaoi Web Ring For Girls

Angelic Harlem's Web ring list

A Yaoi/Erotic searchengine Hub [i think]

69 web ring

E _ Hentai

I'll start a doujinshi circle when i find other people who want to. It turns out you can make a pretty good doujinshi with very inexspensive Kinko's like material. who knew?