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What's on my mind? [Do you REALLY want to know? =0_o=] This is weblog is like an auxiliary fan page. links to lots of fun stuff.

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I put up a weblog because my update collum was starting to look like an essay contest. I had too much to say and no room to write! .... But then I got a Livejournal which pretty much negated the need for this crap and this was becoming a fandom appreciation page anyway. =^_^=;;

I'll make changes to this site on an irregular basis, so you should check back when ya' damn well feel like it! =^_-= And be sure to sign my Slambook so I know I'm not the only one visiting my page ! I may not know what people are saying but i'll know how many stop by, because I've got MPEAD a webcounter. Can i get a WhooHoo!!? YAY me!

What's New:

12-14-03 the 'Too Funky' background is one of my favorite OP images from the art book, [Oda sensei made Usopp a hottie in this pic] I borrowed this one is from Lost At Sea [until I get my copy of Color Walk which should be waiting at my Mom's house when I go home for X-mas Yay me!] then I'm scanning it in bigger and with more space arround it in hopes the image will be centered. I've made a mini shrine for 2 anime.
12-07-03 Yay I finally found out how to get a customizable back ground! Snazzy, huh? Unfourtunately the sexy Wolfwood background is only temporary. I'm getting a diffent image. I adde a fan art section. I never scan in art that's not orriginal but the urge to do fan art commands me!!
11-20-03 I hate everybody! BLEAH!!!=P But I changed the navigation bar so that the Bring it On sections and the Weekly Log Crap were all linked. It makes it  look less cluttered. =9_9= ... Hmm you know what, =o_O= This site could use some more pornagraphic material =6_6=

My current favorite posting is my Livejournal, this site has pretty much become my fan dumping ground for cool stuff. I love manga, anime and scifi/fantasy so I put my fan art and links relating to shows I love in their own section. If I like a show and it there's onlu a few sites I like I just dumped them on the same site.

Oh, the Bent frame guys are hilarious. it's awsome!! =D

Bent Frame Comedy

Online Calculators

I never liked fanlistings, then I found one that I actually wanted to be a part of! Must make better One piece fan art!!

Hookers & Blackjack

Books; Actual size=248 pixels wide

Ahhh, Tsuyoshi Kun, Shingo Chan, waiwai!! These two are only up here until I find a good Jay and Silent Bob pick...What?! I think they're cute too. =o_0=

Read TWoP reacps about shows. Just the desc. are hilarous!

"Willow liberates Amy from her fuzzy prison, and the duo go on a conjure bender at the Bronze. Meanwhile, Buffy, busy saving some orphaned puppies, inhales some dust in an abandoned building and has difficulty breathing, so Spike has to give her the Heimlich maneuver. "recap quote by Sep

Television Without Pity


Oreo and Moxi [they live up to the name 'Devilkitten' better than I do]