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If I decide to keep a weekly log, I'll create a new page like this one for each week. I'll make sure to change the title and update the "most recent posting" link on the home page each time.

A weekly log page includes entries in reverse chronological order. I might move my daily log page entries to a weekly page to archive them, or I might just write new entries on this page as the week goes on and then add a new page for each new week (remembering to update my "most recent posting" link on the home page whenever I do, of course).

I might not include an entry for every day - it depends on what occurs to me!

Wednsday November 28th

Ok, if you look at the weekly log page under "Things People Don't Know About Me" and my "Art and Writing" page on the main site, I mention how I liked making dolls. I used to do it more when I was a kid. I also used to make stuffed animals. The major point is, I love to create! It's why I enjoy drawing so much, but a girl can't live off drawing alone, my art'll start stagnating.! =P So after Shoujo Con, and buying that terminally cute Licca-Chan doll at the Neko Con charity/artshow auction, I decided to try my hand at making dolls again. But this posed a slight problem considering how many truly hideous things I've made on the sculpture front. I mean it! My Mom still has the Red ceramic pot I made for her in middle school hidden behind the lamp my oldest brother got for her in Japan. I broke one of the Unknown Sculpter Rules [Rule 1. there's nothing worse than an ugly sculptre except a RED ugly sculptre] Thinking of that thing an it's counless deformed siblings is what keeps me humble. So after I realized some help/advice was in order, I promptly combed the art stores, and book stores for one of my favorite things: A How to Book! I finally after much searching found a book at Barnes & Nobel [ Fantastic Figures: Ideas and Techniques Using the New Clays by Susanna Oroyan] This is a really good book! It has lots of great pics, and shows you the basics of design and construction, which is good because I'd forgotten some of it and I had never used polymer clay to make a doll with...I did make Neon Genisis Evangelion hair clips, but that's a con thing! =^_-= She's written 2 other books one on finishing dolls [more details about construction and putting them together] and one on cloth dolls [How to make them and diferent types]. Reading her book resulted in much buying of Sculpey III, and Super Sculpey which is supposedly good for doll making. Currently I'm still at the part where I try to make a head. Since I'm using the cheap white Sculpey until I get the hang of it, most of my creations will look like Vampyrs, [look Ma, I can't spell!] or Goths. As soon as I have a doll made I'll put a picture up here. I'm trying to make more adult looking dolls, since I don't really want an appartment full of creepy little Vampire baby dolls *EEWW Shudder* one, MABE,Y but not a pack of them. I'd have to sell them off on my web page. =^_^= Here's a few websites that I found helpful and or cool:

Anna, the creator of all the dolls on the Angel Devil Creatures site, kindly put up with my barrage of questions about her dolls. She also has a FAQ about her dolls section. I asked her a few that hadn't been answerd. =^_^=Answers to said questions will be added at a later date! =^_-= Her dolls look haunted/spooky...but really cool! =^_^=

Like the Angel Devil site, these dolls are all hand made by Laura [who is also in law school!] her site has a great advice section which tells you which books she likes, where to look for suplies, and a whopping huge links page! And her dolls are so CUTE and tiny!! =0.0=

OK when I went to the Doll hobby link ONE page stood out amongst the others. And this web site Rocks in my humble oppinion. This girl deserves a round of applause. I didn't know you could do that with Volks, then again I just started, but I know mad skillz when I see them and this girl got heaps of it, BRAVO!! She's also got 3 links to other sites that rock as much as her's does if possible! The Volks link has a how to section! Check them out!

This is a site with insructions on how to put hair on a dolls head. [Which is cheaper than buying a pre rooted head =P] The ladies of Milkshake Melody gave me the link. =)

Anna told me about this site when she had a problem getting the Volks Japanese Doll blanks from Japan herself. Pretty much, what they are is a doll template that you can make look like anything you want, within reason they're pretty customizable before you finish them. This place sells them and other cool stuff. [The 'Excellent C' body type could almost be used to make your typical etherial looking shojo manga bishonen. =^_-= the Excllent N can be used to make the non whispy looking kind =D]

I found this site in the back of a doll making magazine. They make the traditional porcelain dolls where you pour slip[liquid clay] into a mold. I like their work it's really beautiful. They even have an elf! They have 2 instrucional videos on the site that are for sale if you'd like to learn how they do what they do!

This addy was also given to me by Anna. They sell most of the types of polymer clay available! As well as books and tools.

Thursday, November 20

You know despite the fact that people I know [IE-not random bored net surfers who are unlucky enough to find my site] may read this web log, I'm still going to put up what I think. And belive me I think alot, I'd say I think too much, and long for my Bellmead Elementary shcool days where I could just coast through life with out knowing what was going on. Truely ignorance is bliss. But this has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I wanted to write here.
What i wanted to talk about was the Idea I had today at work. Burger King [AKA: Purgatory] sometimes causes extreme brainstorming sessions. Why Idea with a capitol "I"? Because big ideas should be easy to spot. Especially big Ideas that can actually be accomplished with some work. Getting a Motorcycle, big idea i can accomplish with a little work and timing, Finding a way to make Money from my Pictures When not at Anime Cons [pretty much accomplished that one], and the new takes a little explaining. It doesn't help that it's chilly in here so my mind's wandering, but I'll start at the begining. =P
Yesterday I e-mailled Anna Puchalski, whom I met at Shoujo-Con who makes dolls. Actually I'd say she was an artist and dolls were here medium, but I'm wandering again. She had with her at the con some Japanese doll blanks, very cool if you'd like to try making your own fully jointed dolls. I liked her work. It disturbed the hell out of me and Sarah. That's good for the soul! It's why they make horror moveis, and tell ghost stories.

Friday, November 16

I saw Harry Potter And the Sourcerer's Stone. and unlike most other movies I've seen this year, I didn't check my watch to see what time it was durring the movie. I did mentally point out every spot in the movie that differed from the book, but I always do that when it's a 'book made into a movie' situation. I also agree with one of the girls at work that the captain of the Gryffindor Quiditch team was extremely cute.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here's a picture I took on a recent trip.