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12/13/01 Sucks like a Dirt Devil:has anyone seen my Rose Colored Glasses? =o_0=

First: since I was a grade schooler I've been wondering what the heck 'Rose colored Glasses' means. I suspected it had something to do with The Beatles and Hippies. I finally got a definition of sorts last week. Wearing Rose colored glasses means you only see the good in people and the world. Well it seems lately that some how, some where durring all of my rolling with the punches and ducking blows at the School of Hard Knox my Rose colored glasses broke/fell off, unfourtunatly the sharp pointy bits were shoved uncermoniously into my eyes, so I seem to be suffering from reverse-rose-colored-glasses-ism. I'm seeing and expecting the worse from people. I don't seem to be giving people the benifit of the doubt any more. What a sad place to be. =o_0=

The further adventures of Deirdre's wallet

That title has to do with how much it costs to make a custom doll. whew boy I'm lucky I can sell art on Furbid now! [I wouldn't be able to do this otherwise!]I placed my first order for Volks items THEN decided to call to see what was available,[NEVER EVER order before calling] I ended up changing around half my order! It was the most fun I had in weeks! =D I truely loved it. I never know what i'll think is funny next! I've discoverd that it's nearly impossible to find boy doll clothes, at least stuff that doesn't make me think 'Dork'. =^_^= If I didn't know better I'd say it was a plot by the Barbie company to make Ken look like an idiot. Or mabey Ken's wardrobe just sucks. Really really, REAlly sucks.=\ I did manage to find the most uni-sex Barbie clothes in the area though. So there'll only be a little cross dressing hopefully. =^_^=;; I'll put up some nice before and after doll pics. Somebody's bound to be interested! =^_^=

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