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2/23/02The wonderful world of ranting! I mean web surfing! =P

Today I did something I haven't done In a long time, I surfed the web. Yes i was a hitchhiker on the information super highway [ok i agree that last comment was lame, but i spent the night sleeping under a table I figure I can get away with it.] I found some pretty cool websites, most of them art related, which mostly have to do with the other posting i'm putting up. But here are the links to them:

"sometimes I look at the world and I want to scream NO!"

That's a quote from 'RIDE' one of the comics on Locke's site, Damaged, great artist, kick ass web design. I want to draw city scapes like that!

I found the Fantaisia link by looking on the CG NAVI link, Unfourtunately they're in Japanese so you'll need to use a translator unless you wan tot try the 'click buttons untill something pops up that lookjs right' method!

I like manga style art, and yaoi! If you don't try Harisen! It's a japanese doujinshi circle devoted to Harry Potter! And boy can they draw! [Sirus Black looks like Vincent from FF7 =^__^=]

The HarryXDraco pic depository [that's what I call it] Now that's yaoi!

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Marterial Boys

2/23/02 Desperate Cries for Attention!

This is based on my theory that most of the things some people do is an attempt to get some attention, and some of the thing most people do is to get attention.. For instance in the last 9 months my hair has been 6 different colors [and one time it was 3 colors at once yikes!] The only colors that seem to get attention are blues and reds FYI. That's probably why I added a web log to my site. That and sometimes I say something really profound and the only ones to hear it are my cats.

Getting your version of the Great American Novel to the people [a disaster in 3 parts =\]

After looking at a muy grande' pile of art work online over the last couple of days, I've decided I want to draw a story [yay graphic novels and sequential art!] I've also tried to get around the usual ego stomping i get from looking at any artists who I think are better than me. [That includes any site that's japanese by default] Locke and Lexx [hey they're both canadian!] both draw in a style I can't seem to do. It's the 'serious-no-body looks-pretty' style. My artwork is pretty much shoujo-esque 'Eveyone is beautiful-happyhappyjoyjoy' even when they're in pain. It's annoying sometimes. =\ But looking at the vast difference in art styles made me realize everyone's got to do what they're good at. One day I'll be able to do the 'cowboybebop' extra haggard/serious style, and the world will rejoice. =P The other thing I realized is that they're are only a few ways to get your story and artwork out to the masses!
1.] Put it up as a web page! PROS-thousands of people will probably see it. You'll know HTML like the back of your hand. And it's pretty annomous! CONS-If your story has any adult content you'll probably have to buy space on a server?! Your family knows your website addy . =\ You'll only have so much space.
2.] Self Publishing! PROS-You can have your story printed out nicely by proffesionals. You can print as many as you can afford. CONS-I't exspensive for small press runs. And you still have to deal with the blasted sensors! Then how are you going to sell it?
3.] Fanzine style! [My personal fav! Did this at a con! =^__-=] PROS- No sensors! You can pretty much do what ever you want. Really annonimity! You get hard copies! And you get to use the MAGAZINE STAPLER [ooh aah] You get tha real hard core doujinshi circle feel! CONS- You have to buy paper and staples, find places to distribute [or just dump them on a table at a con that's within the theme of whatever you're doing in you're zine], and no telling who's getting your work. (If you're doing rated G-PG that's fine, but if for example Aphrodisiac was a fanzine I'd hate to see what would happen if a grade schooler got their hands on a copy! Yikes!! =(0_0)= ) and you have to learn page layout. I learned alot doing up my friends card captor Sakura fic, namely how to have every page in order but one. =^_^=;;