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"Woah there, Paulyboy, somebody spilled 1980's all over you."
"Dr. Nesbit, I don't see how removing my shirt is going to help..."
"Tampering in God's domain since 1927!"
"Man, we were kicking so much ass until that Cuthulu prick showed up!"

Welcom to the first instalment of 'Word Of Mouth'! Where I put any and all cool llinks, qoutes, and info I come across or hear about.

Supermegatopia is a online comic as well as the jump off page for a whole slew of online comics! If your board read to your hearts content!


MC Hawking is the only rapper I know of to have a rap that explaines Entropy. For flowing lyrics, gansta rap and physics he can't be beat.

MC Hawking

Like Oh Mi Gawd!! If you have not seen and heard the Daft Punk videos for their music videos, then go to their web site and watch them! =0_0= They actually are anime, done in that classic Starblazers, Captain Harlock, Crusher Joe style we all love by Leiji Masamoto.wow! And theres also the flying electric space guitar! And a planet full of happy Smurfy people. What am I talking about? Go to their site and find out.

Daft Punk

" Ah yeah! I'm busting more shit than an incontinent man at a chili
cook-off!" -MC Hawking

Want to buy Buffy merchandise or hear the songs from Buffy the Musical? I know I do!! Then check these links! =0.0=

The Buffy Store - Buffy the Vampire Slayer merchandise and ...

try buffy musical, buffy the musical or once more with feeling as a search topic

Psyche's Buffy Transripts for TV ep.

Buffy: The Musical MP3s

Buffy Guide: The complete buffy episode guide

Actors on TV This Month


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