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Katsucon 008: The Classics

Durring the con I came up with several headings for my katsu con review, 'Either this con sucks or I'm having PMS', 'I hate this town and everything in it', 'if we put a dj in the elevators we could've started a mosh pit', the list goes on but they mostly reflect my mood at the time i came up with them. And by the end of the con I was pretty happy despite everything going on durring the con. But on with the review which is part random observation, part complaint, part tour guide!

Thursday: We left at 7pm from Blacksburg, VA. 30 min. into the trip I was extremely car sick and hoping i would go to sleep soon. I was also very irked after yet another day of work at Burger King. I only had 3 pieces done for the art show, but that's my fault for waiting too long to finish drawings for the con. Got to Rich's mom's town house and was the first to go to sleep.

Woke up at 6am said hi to Rich's mom and went back to sleep. then i woke up again at 8am after a nighmare involving a soul eating Britney Spears deamon, and managed to draw and color 2 more pics for the artshow [yay me] The rest of the people going to katsu were still sleeping. peacfully, unfourtunatly i didn't get that on film. =P We eventually arrived at the con around 1-2pm-ish. Yay! Imediately went to front desk and had them call my friends. did not actually get into the suite until later when I found everyone I was looking for all at once! 
It was pretty cool! Truely a hugfest! Nothing says happy like a hug! That was my cute fuzzy touchy feely moment at the con!=^_^= It was in this order: Rob [studio ironcat table], DJ on the 3rd floor looking for me,Sarah & Cindy in artist alley [there was much jumping, and squealing involved =^_^=] Leo and danny[artist alley] I also managed to find Brad and Chad. Later that evening I went back to artist alley when Sarah told me she had just been hugged by a bunch of friends. I went and had Danny V.[cool furry & anime artist] give me a hug. This lead to a 2 minute hug/wrestling match [w/lots of laughing] which ended with me trying to support Danny, who I'm now sure is carrying at least 205lbs of pure mucsles. But he didn't expect me to try and squeez back, Ha!=^_^= {Danny's the only guy I know that tries to squeez the life out of me, it's the result of me telling him that guys hug too softly}
If it's not obvious by now, I don't like Baltimore [heck people from Maryland don't like Baltimore it's an exspensive tourist trap for rich snobby people who don't mind exspensive tourist traps, i.e. not me. =P] that's one of the major reasons i don't like Otakon the other 2 are the more obnoxious residents of the town and the sweltering heat, but that's off topic. The point is I liked Katsu 08. When it wasn't anoying it was fun. and most of the problems with the con were due to the hotel. That hotel's got issues =6_6=

High Points:

*lots of hugs =^_^=
*Actually ate out multiple times
*Didn't have to sleep on floor
*made new friends =^_^=
*We had a georgeous view from the 19th floor!
*lots of nice costumes
*Got to see people I only see like 3-4 times a year =\
*got to wear my sparkly mesh blouse if only for an hour
*got to run down 21 flights of stairs.
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Low Points

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