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Anthrocon 2004

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. - Cyril Connolly
replace 'write' with 'draw' and that's me.

This many innocent bystanders have been to my web site.

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It's been nine, yes 9, months since I last updated. see this is what happens when people start fiddling with the java script and god knows what. i couldn't access my site part of that time any way.  
Lots of people have a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too? There's not nearly enough un-reasearched, insane pointless crap on the internet ...Hey at least it's not porn! ...if there's still anyone looking at my site after that then have fun! It's probably worth it. =^_^=

I'll use this site to post some of my artwork . I'll try to post the best ones, but no guarantees! Note:  It's not always easy to get scanner time at the computer lab so I've been somewhat slow about getting to putting up new pictures. Sorry! To people who come to my site from my bussiness cards, i'm putting up new art this week/end so never fear! =^_^=

This web site is for expressing myself. Convetion photos, art work, book/movie reviews whatever strikes my fancy.

I've been updating this site in-frequently, unless I do something really cool and feel like showing off =-_^=, so make sure to check back when you feel like it.

I try to update this page often with new pics. Sign the guestbook, let me know what you think! =^_^=

My Live Journal

M.P.E.A.D. Ranting

M.P.E.A.D.Ranting is my web log where I speak my mind about whatever's on my mind and give in to my Fan girly-ness. 12 -07-03 Lots of updates there recently!


The Toy Box is my NDR, Azone and Volks Dollfie site. [it will also have my plushy attempts and Sculpey handmade dolls]

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Benfonter's Font Page

Time and date


These are pictures of my kitties, Oreo[black] and Moxie[tabby]. Aren't they cute? There're 2 more pics of them on my other 2 sites. I love taking pictures! i just never get around to developing the film. =P

If you're looking for my vast pile of anime con photo's it's here, but Geocities/Yahoo made their HTML editor annoying to use [& i'm lazy when irked] so right now I linked the geocites site and made it the Slap Dash Con Pics section! i'm just dumping all the con pics there and letting the stalwart web surffer sort them out =^_^=;;;

My con Pics!

The Old OGSF web site still works! which means I have 3 web sites. This one will soon be where I store my art work if i can find my password for it!:

Otaku Girls strike force

This little griffin is my Neopet! Click on her to go to the Neoppet site!

catgirlxlrg got their Neopet

my neopet AsiaX. she was blue but I put flames on her as i intend to do to any vehicle I get! =D

:: how jedi are you? ::

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Naruto Chuushin

The Dude's Page O' Crazy Crap!