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A LOTR parody by Sarah and a bunch of her tolkienfan buddies.

Sarah chan!

On this page I'll include some of my favorite places on the web, along with an explanation of what I like about each site.

The Grid Method

The Misc. Flights of Fancy link section. to lighten the mood in case you're not morbid, there's some cute fluffy kitty cat sites... OK that was condecending now I almost feel bad. =9_9= -If I had a wad of money, and a huge pool I'd make/buy a mermaid tail. That would be one heck of a pool party. Buy fairy wings or try to make your own! =^_^=

Doggy Sites =^~^=

Kitty Sites =^-^=


Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings by Sea

Fairy Wings & Pictures

Arcadia's Gate fairy wings

The Virtual Kite Zoo

Japanese Kite collection

Delirious Delusion Coustom Kites

Google directory Kite plans

Anthony's Kite Workshop

11 How to Kite sites

Circoflex kite

Jen's Kite

The Fine Print

Have you ever looked at a package or a comercial and found that the makers of whatever it is has a web page? Well here are a few of the ones that I thought were cool.=^_-=

The Food Saver

Ass Seen on TV store

Perfect Pan Cake

How To

How to draw manga

Doujinshi printing tutorial

Corset making 101 [this comes in havdy for SCA types

About.coms fonts

American go association

IcyBrian's Castlevania Fanfiction archive

I included links to sites devoted to my fellow artistic type people/groupes! Though I don't know why , since one look at some of their sites sets my infiriority complex siren off. nothing quite like wanting the earth to open up and swallow you... yeesh. These sites are the bomb though!! these folks are more industrious than me [I may put the 5 online comics i found in there own section since they're so cool they deserve it]:

Online Comic Artist Directory

Your Wings Are Mine

Demonology 101


Honou To Hyoushou

MooNation Comics

Umbrella Studios

The Demon Pool

Jo's Playground

Lea Hernandez

Mer Mist seas








Furry art! What started it all! =D These furry artists Kick @$$, and some have nifty anime style art too!! =^_-=

Yiffle FAQ

Michele Light

DXS Machina

Danny Valentini

Art by Zannah

Kacey's Sketchbook

~bara-chan's cyber garden~

CyberSix, late in the year (2000) this 13 episode animated [not anime] series came out on Fox. It was breathtaking! I've only seen 11/2 episodes but it was love at first site. [I skipped 15minutes at Neko Con to watch part of the werewolf episode, and I'm picky about what I do at anime cons!] I mistakenly thought an US company had finally done a really great show, but it turns out Cybersix is based off the work of a South American couple, bummer. =0_0= I'm now trying to get the comics. They're in Spanish =^_^=;; Most of these sites are black. =^_^= INVADER ZIM: a cool yet warped show from NICKELODEON unfourtunately I think it's cancelled. {also seems to be comic based?} Enjoy the weird while it lasts. =)


Frundock's Cybersix Webpage

CyberSix-A Shrine Of Desperation

Station 8's Gargoyles site

The Gargoyles Fan Website

look it's ...DOOM [seems to be offline so here's a new link]

The Hayao Miyazake Web

The Anime Web Turnpike

80's Cartoons!

Or I might include a link to a site that talks about my favorite TV show or movie:

Cinema confidential


Or I might include a link to a site I check in on every day for inspiration:

Kat and Neko Manga

Anime Love

I love these sites! I think they're inspiring! They're all online comics!

Apple Geeks

Deorative Edison


Diesel Sweeties

Dub This

Resident Life

Fate Drifters

Leathal Doses

Mac Hall

MeGa ToKyo


PvP online

Sluggy Freelance

Real Life Comics

The People's Cartoonist

The Boondocks

Long Distance



VG Cats

Irregular Comic

American Animetion

naruto chuushin

Inuyasha:Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi


Can't Sleep



nyctophilia's quote list

Here are some links to friends and aquaintances of mine.

Sarah's Site!

The Evilution

Dan T's New Big Page O Me!

Sugar Hippie

Sock Fairy

Spend that hard earned $$$

Want to use the same art supplies as your Favorite Manga Ka (I know I do! =#^_^#=)? Well here's some links to web sites for japanese art supplies! Fire up those credit cards people! CHAAAARRRGGEE!!!

Copic Markers

Manga art suppliers links!

Animegamers comic tones!

Akadot comic tones

Online screen tones for photo shop

Has your inabillity to read japanese ever stopped you from buying manga? Me either!


Tokyo Pop

Sasuga Books


Mangart [basara art book]


Dokidoki station

 [Niyao-chan, Izuzu, Xel are The BL Gamer Paradise Team  Please visit us on the world wide web! We're always updating our database, so please tabs on us! Be sure to read our FAQ before ordering or bidding! (AliceBlue in Yaoi GameLand)...... Yaoi games, doujinshi and MORE!

If you want BL games at ridiculously low prices Boy's Love Games Headquarters is the place to go! She doesn't have nearly as many as BL Gamers Paradise, but she's po' so I know where' she's coming from.

Ever some times notice that Goths are pretty snazzy dressers? Well here's where you can get some of the clothes you may wonder about [you can almost never wear too much black]:

Crosses and Petticoats [an EGL site]

Bathsheba's Goth Cataog List

Azreal's Accomplice


Web sites pertaining to doing cool things to your hair, particularly if you want to change it without making it permnanent!


Ragdolly Weave Co.

Fun stuff to do to your Hair

Zine distibut0rs!
the best in DIY publishing


The green guide [list of zines]

Learning to leave a papertrail 5*

Youth in revolt

Pander zine distro

Zine World [what started it all]

Zine thug reviews

Street Librarian [great info source]

Quimby's bookstore 4*

$how Your style:

Think Geek: Stuff for Smart Masses

Now and Zen: T shirt Nirvana

Pirate Mod

Profound 13 Enterprises

Madina Milano

Lucky Brand

Hot Topic

Happy Otaku Site =^_^=

T shirt Hell

Slave Labor Graphics


Into the Wind Kites

73 Online Fabric Stores