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Here's where i put the more horrible outcomes of my artistic endevor. Or pictures that tried to suck the life out of me.

You never realize how bad you can screw up until you do! The up note is that most people don't feel the same way about my crappiest drawing and many of them have made it to con art shows thus proving you can't tell what people want.


I can think of at least 87 things that I think is wrong with this picture. Last night/early Monday morning I realized that while burning this pic would be easy [I used alot of alchohol based markers and the papers none too thick] and possibly theraputic [as opposed to my usual method of therapy, rolling around the floor moaning 'I SUCK! I SUCK! I SUUUCK !!!! Why I am I being tormented like this *gahhhhh*'] I decided to use my color pencils on it and I felt much better if I didn't have to work in the morning I would've colored the whole thing probably. I feel much better now. =^_^=;; Except there's still stuff wrong and I'm too much of a perfectionist. =o_0=;;;



This is is my attempt at CG, it's a work in progress. It's for a story idea i have. Roy the boy in the fast food uniform works at IT MIGHT BE CHICKEN a fast food place in the food court of MaLL X. more story details later as I sort them out. =^_-=



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