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WHAT: a.k.a. the premise, The Past: A devine magick text that can travel through time and space goes missing. everyone is looking for it. It finds it's way to earth and takes up residence in an 8 year old boy...
 TheGood Guys:
Isaiah:Currently has and is joind with the book.He can use every spell in it. He's some what grim and standoffish because of this and the fact that all kinds of things are coming in search of the book.
J.D. [John Doe]:Traditional G.UrPs Weirdness Magnet. Sweet lovable kid with a very good attitude towards life. He's Isaiah's best and closest friend. He's the shortest guy in the group.
Knives:Were-Leopard. The pride elder told him he was destined to help save the world.
Chasey: Sumoner and all around angry grrrl. She likes wearing black, and thinks safety pins are the perfect accesory to most out fits.
Ignatious: Seraphim that Chasey accidentally sumoned. He's a little confused.
Waldo: Chrono mage. aka that 'harry potter looking kid'
Totek:Cat [or weasel?] Familiar to Waldo, and he can change shape
The Neutrals
Skylar:Looks completely human.But is half unicorn and half were-lion. Skylar's parents didn't think Sky inherited any of there powers. they're rock stars so Sky doesn't have any friends who aren't roadies.
La Libre de Lune: The majick book. It just is.  
WHY: The magick book can open gateways to other worlds create something out of nothing.
WHERE: Earth, Hell, when you have the abillity to go anywhere you get around

here are the front page Cover pics for Speak no Evil. My little doujinshi project I have on the back burner. the first ones are in pencil with some computer coloring.


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