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I put this here 'cause no one visists this site as much as my main page.

First, I draw Yaoi. Deal with it. I have. Second, everything i know about sex is second hand info. And some of these sources made it impossible for me to go into any auditorium class rooms in Torgesson Hall again. Third, if  the Second statement applies to you also, and you're trying to draw anything from 'sweetly romantic' and snuggly to 'Oh god I can never let my family, friends, or Mom ever see this and i'm hopping a Greyhound to Cali. to throw it in the tar pits' then these linx might help you. Or at least make you go. "Go on!! I didn't know people did that!!" You'll giggle uncontrolably too. Enjoy!

Kama Sutra Free

The Anime section, good if you're trying to figure out positions and what not. Yay hentai.

Hentai Cds [they have yaoi =o_o=]

Anime Pike [hentai pictures =^_^=;;]

Material Boys [yaoi site]

This link is here in honor of my friend Rich =^_^=... Who left me his gay porn add =#^_^#=;;; sandwiched between the manga I loaned him =(O_O)=;;; *SHUDDER*


 They have pictures =#O_O#=  Is it just me or are there a lot more kinky sex sites than there are romantic ones? =O.o=

Sex Toy Warehouse

Sex toy Odyssey

Erotic Impact

SM Boy

Gay Online

BDSM Toy Box


Potential NEW Links after I look at them and see how they size up so to speak! =^_6= searched for " ball stretchers photos,"

Whoa, I haven't had breakfast yet...and it's 2:30 in the afternoon. When did that happen?