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Looking backward...

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History of My Hobby

The Volks homepage is in Japanese so I don't know much about this hobby's start. but I'd say Some one wanted more out of there doll/garage kit than they'd normally get. Thus dollfies were born!

Super Dolfie

Here's some Super Dolfie info provided by the folks at The Doll & Hobby Shoppe, the authorized Volks retailer for the US [see links section]:
The price of one starts around $390, depending on the model. They're 22" tall. You can order different eyes, wigs, and faces for them. Delivery is harder to estimate since they're shipping them from Japan. Could takes 6 weeks or more through Doll Hobby. If you want one faster you can buy them from Masamichi of Crescent Trading or Minako of Frillfrill. They both charge a percentage of the cost for geting it for you, but they have impeccable service. They're all in the link section.ÉäÉìÉN

My Background

How I got into my new Hobby:

Place: Shoujo Con 2, Dealers room
Time: Afternoon June, 2001 [It was a very long line to the dealers room =^_^=;;;]

I met a doll maker who was selling her hand made dolls, she was also selling 2 volks Excellent series doll blanks. My brain imediately said 'Gimme Gimme gimme!!!' But I was going to China town the next day so I got her business card instead [and bought a pile of manga], lost it once a month for about 6 months and finally found a place to buy some Volks of my own.