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June 15 2005 I'm slowly going through my site and updating and or fixing it right now. I'm making cloth dolls and trying to think of possible doll stories to do.
Welcom to my site about  doll making and  customizing. Volks, Noix de Rome, Azone, and Oibitsu  are Japanese companies that make 1/6 scale [29cm= dolls that people can customize to their own personal tastes. [if you do check out Burning on the web, you'll see there are some exotic tastes out there] If you ever wanted a doll of your favorite anime character they have the materials to make one. (FYI, 1/6 scale=Barbie doll height.] Their are a lot of ways to make cloth dolls I'm currently trying to find some good american doll makers online. I have more japanese links for cloth dolls than anything else.
I have to go through and take down all the dead links in the link section too.


Obitsu [volks' rival]

5-5-05 New Year FINALLY some new updates! I added a bunch of new dall artist links to a bunch of art doll sites. and I bought a japanese book on doll making. the pictures are good enough that not knowing the language isn't much of a problem.

Here's a currency converter you can use to find out how much something will cost in US dollars. A translator site and a n online japanese dictionary. =D full currency converter

The Babelfish translator

Japanese Dictionaries Online.

Amikai [send e-mails in other languages!]

Cool Japanese Customizers!

This is were my counter would go if it worked.

Here's a few of my doll gang! =^_6=



Chuck's hair is some of my Yaki hair!


Above is Sarah. She has a ring in her eyebrow and a safety pin in one ear! =^_^=


I finally found out how to make wings for Yuri  =^_-=