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Though already customized these dolls and figures are or are becoming near and dear to my heart! I have 3 Lolli Pop Girls, a collection of My Little Ponies and 12 Sylvanian Families bunnies.

Jenny & Licca

Doll$ Japan [onlin store]

ES Toys [JP]

Jenny's Club (JP)

Licca Castle (JP)

Rachel's Addictions

LoliPop Girls

The Lolli Pop Girls!

Lady Lovely Lock's Kingdom

Lady Lovely locks was one of three shows that came on sunday's when i was little. This link my explain more

Slyvanian Families aka Calico Critters

Benjamin's Sylvanian Families E-Zine! [uk]

Sylvania Insania [USA siste]

Someday Isle Toys [($) internet discount!]

Sylvanian Families [UK]

E-Z Toys [UK]

Toys Passion [Singapore?!]

My Little Pony

Dream Valley

My little Ponies were my all time favorite toy as a little girl [I think I still have the collection at my mom's house]

You are GOTH Pony!

Which Fucked up "My Little Pony" are you?
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Lego's official site


the Gundam section

80's cartoons

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