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Here are some helpful customizing links! =^_^=:

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Where to go for the baisic materials you'll need to make and clothe your doll! =^_^=

Volks Dolls

Hobby search is like hobby link Japan but exsclusive to dolls!

Hobby Search Doll

Hobby Link Japan

The Doll Hobby Shoppe is one of the only suppliers of Volks Excellent Body and Volks Super Dolfie in the USA. They're great!

The Doll & Hobby Shoppe

Ganio, CAnada

Noix De Rome is one of the few japanese companies that will sell to buyers outside of Japan. They have a beautiful selection of head types and really nice doll hair.

Noix De Rome

Restore Doll [USA]saran hair

Deleter -Oibitsu


The Crescent shop will order things for you from japan [ they charge for foot work though =^_-=]

The Crescent shop

Minako of Frill Frill will also buy Volks/NDR for you in Japan! She also sells Takara Jenny!

Frill Frill Doll Shop!!

AZONE is japanese company that makes gorgeous doll clothes! and they'll be distributing the same kind of head mould I used for Axis! YAY!

Azone Korea


AZONE Geestore

Real Missing Link

SD custom clothes

R&D Fashion Dolls and Collectibles

Concrete [SD fashions]

Puff & Cool [sd fashions]

Needle Waker's

Mizer's Doll House

KotaNeko[SD fashion ]

Nosukeman[SD fashion]

Dollmakers Journey store's sewing section

The Lunar Ark is a club for Volks fans to talk and show off their creations

The Lunar Ark [1/6 Volks culb]

If you're leaning towards the Super Dolfie line by Volks you might find these sites helpfull:

Eye Co Ltd.

A doll clothes maker

Super Dollfie Home

Chou cream- Biscuits SD

Super Dollfie Dreams Club

Den of Angels group

Yumia [Hong Kong type dolfie]

Yumia's Yahoo Japan auctions

Yumia's English site

Rasendo dolfie type

How to make Noah's Doll [english version]

Kira Doll

Angel Devil has hand made polymer clay dolls for sale, strange but beautiful! Living dead dolls started my whole doll fixation I've had!

Angel Devil Dolls

Living Dead Dolls

Cloth Dolls and Supplies!

Hatsuko1's Custom Made Ufo plushies

Runo's Doll class

[Free patterns] Cloth Doll Connection

Free Teddy Bear patterns

CR's Crafts-bear and doll supplies

Judi's Dolls

Sew sweet Dolls

Mini World

Brownhouse dolls

Sisters and Daughters [cloth doll supplies]

Creating Keepsakes

1/6 scale Clothes and Accesories

If you liked the outfits the girls of Burning on the web were wearing then you can get some of them from Wolfkids!

Janina's Fashions for Dolls

Wolfkids- Risque & Exotic doll clothing [jp]

Barbie Doll

Waste oF Time [JP]

Kiwi House [

Lovely Patsy

Fire Bird arts 1/6 scale accesories


My Faveorite Japanese customizers!

Kick @$$ non Japanese customizers

Ilness Illusion

cool customizers in the USA!


These links are cool, but not as cool as the ones on the main page. =^_^=;;;

Sakura 28

Kimi o tamako [only white tone SD i've seen]

Dolls Drug Kingdom

Noga's Scrap Book [nice general doll page has 1/6 and SD]

Hoehoedou [like Noga's site]

MGE [cool site!]


Polymer clay Artist dolls!

Global fantasy Dolls

PR's site has neat molds you can use to make polymer dolls with. cool! a use for that pile of cernit i have!! SHE FOOKIN' ROCKS!!!  I want molds!!!! must start saving now!