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Black Alice

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Name: Alice Merryweather

Age: 9 1/2

Creation Info:

    Body: NDR nini A , white-skinned

    Head: NDR prerooted silver CK1, white-skinned

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes:Reading and the occult, tea parties, black gothic clothes, old houses, Mr Youngblood

Dislikes: Banshees, zombies, and sour drinks, angry villagers with torches, not accidentally sliping into another world via Rabbit Hole [like worm holes]

Background: Alice is the young daughter of two centuries old vampires who were surprised to find out they could still have children. They were more surprised when Alice turned out to be born completely human. If a tad strange looking [silver hair and red eyes pale skin] Alice and her father, Rev. Merryweather had to flee their first home while Alice's mother, the older and more powerful of her parents, held back the angry mob until they could escape. Alice and her father haven't seen her mother since, though they know she wasn't killed. Alice can speak nine languages and loves reading, since her family had to move around a lot she couldn't make friends easily so books were her only entertainment. On their last move Alice came to America. She and her father are settling into a somewhat normal life in a small town. Alice is actually making friends at her elemenary school. and she gets teased for having a crush on her teacher. Alice's parents didn't know but she hardly ever sleeps, one of the only signs that she may be more than human.


Better pictures soon to come! [thank goodness =P]

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