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Name: Simonetta

Age: 22

Creation Info:

    Body: Oibistu Soft body Slim type , white-skinned

    Head: AZONE Doll Edit Kit prerooted gold 106 head, white-skinned

    Eyes - mac Crative yellow and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Cooking, playing the piano for the kintergarden kids, sloppy joe day at school

Dislikes: Brussel sproutes, cheese the color orange

Background: Simonetta is a young elementary school teacher. She thinks teaching the 5th graders is the most fun she's had. She's the decsendant of a very famous witch who possed the abillity to transform into an owl. but Simonetta doesn't belive in her family's weird ledgend and attributes her strange eye color to health problems and freaquently wears sun glasses to keep people from staring.


Simonetta's eyes are 8mm Mac Creative eyes

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