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Name: Erik Akira Yukimoro aka Psygoth
Age: 16
Creation Info: 
   Body: Oibitsu male
    Head: Volks N-type head black fake fur hair
    Eye , lips painted with Liquitex paints
Likes: Chibi Jay, his brother Yukimaru, and little sister. Fighting.
Dislikes: everyone else
Psy-goth is an ESPer, a goth and the most anti social being most people will ever meet. He'll use his powers over mind and matter on anyone who threatens his family, gets in his way, pisses him off, or if he's just board. He was home schooled until His older brother in an attempt to make him well rounded, and calm him down sent him to highschool where he currently terrorfies and terrorizes everyone he comes in contact with.


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Psy-goth's family ledgend: