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Name: Ophilia 1
Age: 9
Creation Info: 
   Body: Harry Potter Wizard Sweets
    Head: Volks 6-type head rooted with violet and Lavender MH
    Eye , lips painted with Liquitex paints
Likes: cookies, baking, tea parties, and sleep overs
Dislikes: when her system crashes, when Ophilia 2[ her brother] pulls on her pony tails, catterpillars [since Ophilia 2 chases her with them]
Ophilia 1 and her twin brother were bio-mechanical androids created with the ability to use magic. Dale Thurshion [arch mage and PHD in robotics] created them since he always wanted to have children. He gave Ophilia and her brother a piece of his soul which effectivley made them magic users like their father as well as making them human.
Ophilia is a sweet, gentle natured little girl. She's quiet and some what shy. She likes her elementary school and her favorite subject is english. She's managed to read and store half the books in the school in her posotronic brain and freaquently spoutes random facts when her system over loads.

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